The laser we have is an Alexandrite laser generation, Candela house.

Things you should know:

depilación láser en Valencia


  • For treatment to be effective you must perform a minimum of 3/4 sessions, but usually they are needed from 7-8. In men, the result is not as flashy and it takes a few more sessions.
  • The Alexandrite laser is effective on dark hair (brown and brown), and has no effect on blond or gray.
  • We suggest that the skin is not tanned when conducting the session, it increases the likelihood of sunburn, and forces us to lower the intensity of the shot to avoid it being less effective session.
  • After each session will erythematous skin, and in most cases will be a small perifollicular edema, which is completely normal and disappear within hours.
  • Undesirable effects: pain during the session, burning, burns, hypo-or hyperpigmentation in the area, the paradoxical effect on facial area …
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