Aliaga Dermatology Clinic


Use of botulinum toxin type A for aesthetic purposes.

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Laser depilation

Laser hair removal removes hair with light intensity.

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Peeling Vitamin C

Topical application of high concentrations of this nutrient.

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Remove tattoo

Very simple process to apply and without risks.

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Dermatological diseases

We provide everything necessary to diagnose and treat different types of pathology.


Platelet rich plasma

Based on the healing potential of blood to biostimulate skin cells.


Pathological anatomy

Personally, we take care of processing and reporting the histological samples (Biopsies).



Dr. Aliaga Dermatology Clinic Dr. Aliaga is a dermatology center focused on health and skin care. Our clinic has leading dermatologists in Valencia , as well as advanced technology. Our beginnings date back to 1940, when Dr. Emilio Aliaga Ferrís (1910-2002), Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, opens a small query of Dermatology in Valencia.

From there, Dr. Aliaga begins a relentless and absolute dedication to the world of dermatology. The great vocation Dr. Emilio Aliaga felt for the fascinating world of the skin, was such that his son Adolfo (1941-2002), just after a medical career, did not hesitate to follow the footsteps of his father, who always was for him a great inspiration and role model.

Clínica Aliaga

Our team

Today we have a medical team of five specialists in Dermatology, continually expanding their knowledge in order to offer the best solution to the problems that arise daily.
All patients received the specialty (MIR) in the Dermatology Department of the Hospital General Universitario de Valencia, under the tutelage of Dr. Adolfo Aliaga.For medical-aesthetic treatments we have the cooperation and expertise of a specialist in Plastic Surgery.

Clínica Aliaga