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At Dr. Aliaga Dermatology Clinic we offer our clients a wide variety of alternatives when starting a acne treatment in Valencia . In this way, depending on the severity with which this skin disease is present in the patient, our doctors and specialists will be able to recommend the treatment that can bring the best result.

acne treatment valencia

Acne Treatments

Acne is a skin disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands located on the face and upper part of the trunk, thus causing the appearance of pimples, pustules, papules , nodules and scars. It is a problem for which we have different treatments depending on the virulence with which it may affect each patient, but for which we highlight the importance of tackling it in time. It is important to clarify that acne always has a solution, regardless of the characteristics and situation of each person, as well as the severity with which this skin condition is present. However, the consequences that it may have left on the skin – scars, marks, etc. -, despite the fact that they could also be erased, will be more numerous the longer it takes between the appearance of the problem and the application of a good treatment.

In the clinic of Dr. Aliaga not only have a wide range of options to treat acne, but also the most modern facilities and the best qualified staff.

Below we will expose the different treatments that we make available to our users:

    • Vitamin C peeling: based on the application of high concentrations of Vitamin C, this treatment stops the development of free radicals and promotes the production of collagen and elastin, restoring elasticity, firmness and luminosity to the skin lost and giving the face a more youthful and hydrated appearance.
    • Chemical peeling: especially indicated for the most aggressive cases of acne, this treatment seeks to exfoliate and destroy the most superficial layers of the skin in order to stimulate their regeneration, thus causing , the production of collagen, elastin and other substances destined to provide the skin with qualities such as uniformity, firmness, flexibility, luminosity, etc.
    • PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma: ideal for those cases in which acne has already begun to cause the appearance of scars. The purpose of this treatment is none other than to soften acne spots and scars, eliminate superficial wrinkles, improve skin texture, restore lost elasticity and shine, and optimize dermal revascularization.
    • Resurfacing: this treatment, carried out with a fractional ablative laser, is particularly recommended for those patients who, once they have undergone acne treatment, also wish to remove the scars caused by it. With just 2 or 3 sessions, the user will begin to notice the improvement until, at the end of the treatment, they will be able to see how the scars will have disappeared forever.
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