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Valencia Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal removes hair through its light intensity. This light intensity, once it is absorbed by the melanin contained in the black hair, is transformed into heat and eliminates the hair bulb with the advantage that it does not affect the adjacent tissues. We call this process selective photothermolysis.

Valencia Alexandrite Laser

At Dr. Aliaga’s Dermatological Clinic we practice the most advanced Valencia laser hair removal. In our clinic we will dedicate you a totally personalized treatment based on the characteristics of your skin and hair so that the results you obtain are always the most satisfactory.

We must emphasize that if after finishing the first applications he observes that his skin is slightly red, he should not worry. It is something completely normal and very common in this type of treatment. For your relief, it has different products, especially specific creams, that will eliminate redness and avoid any type of discomfort that, sometimes, can cause laser hair removal such as itching, burning sensation or even a slight pain.

laser hair removal in Valencia

Our Alexandrite laser in Valencia hair removal treatments are indicated for any area of the body: face -eyebrows, upper lip, jaw and, in general, any area with some type of facial hair-, armpits, arms, legs, groin, torso, back, etc. And, of course, the hair removal we perform is suitable for both women and men.

Things to know about Alexandrite laser hair removal:

  • For the treatment to be effective, it will be necessary to carry out a minimum of 3/4 sessions, although the normal thing is that 6 to 8 are needed. From the 3rd session, the result in most cases is very evident.
  • In men the result is not so striking and a few more sessions are required, since hair growth is hormone-dependent.
  • The number of sessions cannot be predetermined, as it will depend on the response of each patient.
  • The Alexandrite laser is effective on dark hair (brown and brown), and has no effect on blonde or gray hair, so it will not be possible to bleach the hair before attending the session.
  • It is advised that the skin is not tanned when the session is carried out. Neither can artificial tanning methods be used, such as; self-tanning creams or wipes, makeup…
  • In short, anything that increases skin tone is not recommended, as it increases the probability of burning, and forces us to lower the intensity of the laser to avoid it, the session being less effective..
  • After a few days and when the skin has recovered its normal characteristics, you can sunbathe. In the face area you have to be more cautious and avoid sun exposure (or total protection in the area) at least 20 days after the session, since the upper lip and cheeks are areas that stain with some ease.
  • On the day of the session, it is advisable not to use products that contain alcohol or perfume (deodorants, moisturizers, makeup…) on the area to be treated and if you have used any product, indicate this before starting.
  • It is advisable to shave the area 2/3 days before the session, except when it comes to the face.
  • Hair removal cannot be performed on dark tattoos, so you must report the existence of these in the area.
  • After each session the skin will become erythematous, and in most cases a small peripollicular edema will occur, which is totally normal and will disappear in a few hours. To alleviate the burning sensation we recommend applying Aloe Vera gel in the area, you can even put it in the fridge before applying it, which will increase the feeling of freshness.
  • Unwanted effects: Pain during the session, burning sensation, hypo or hyper pigmentation in the area, paradoxical effect in the facial area…
  • You should inform if you take any medication, vitamin complex, iron, oral contraceptives, acne treatments… since many of these products are photosensitive.
  • Contraindications: it is not recommended to perform it in pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor in people who suffer or have suffered a tumor process, without the consent of the doctor who is treating them. If you have any hypertrophic or keloid scars, you must indicate this before undergoing the session.

So, if you want to find out or directly start a laser hair removal treatment in Valencia and want to have the best specialists and the most advanced technology, do not hesitate to contact us. Our doctors will offer you personalized attention from the first moment, will inform you at all times of the best options for you and will guarantee an optimal and permanent result..

To make an appointment at the Dr. Aliaga Dermatology Clinic, just call the phone number (+34) 96 351 48 09 and request an appointment with one of our expert dermatologists.

You can also contact us through our e-mail or by filling in the form that you will find in the “Contact” section of our website:

On your first visit to the center, we will carry out an exhaustive study with you in which we will determine the specific characteristics of your hair type and the needs of your skin. In this way, not only can we determine and share with you which is the best treatment to remove hair from the area or areas you want to treat, but the information we obtain as a result of this study will also allow us to make an approximate calculation of the number of sessions you will need to completely get rid of the hair. Thus, for example, a type of hair that is characterized by its great thickness and strength of the root and that also has a black pigmentation will be much easier to weaken and, finally, permanently remove from the body than another type of hair that at first glance it appears more fragile and easier to remove.

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