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sun spots and stains

Treatment to remove stains

At Dr. Aliaga’s Dermatology Clinic we have a large number of highly effective treatments for removing all types of facial skin spots: sun spots, caused by age, caused by dermatological disorders or application of gels or creams, etc. Today removing blemishes from the face is an extremely simple, fast and safe process. At the Dr. Aliaga Clinic we have a medical team specialized in this type of procedure, as well as a wide range of treatments aimed at removing all types of stains.

The reason that we have so many different treatments to solve the same problem is that each person is different, as are their specific characteristics and needs: skin type, age, cause of the appearance of spots, medical history, etc. In this way, by being able to offer so many different procedures, we are making sure that we can give each patient the specific treatment that best suits their characteristics.

Below we briefly expose the different types of treatments that we have for the treatment of localized spots on the face:

1. The first method that we are going to present is the vitamin C peel, a treatment that is based on the topical application of high concentrations of this nutrient. Vitamin C not only slows the development of free radicals, but also stimulates the production and synthesis of collagen and elastin, which will give the skin of the face an appearance much younger and more hydrated and will give it elasticity, firmness and luminosity. The most important thing, however, is that this treatment is especially indicated for patients with hyperpigmentation problems. Moreover, any dermatologist will agree when stating that the vitamin C peel is an ideal treatment to prepare the skin before summer, especially that of those people who are particularly prone to the appearance of spots with sun exposure.

2. The second treatment provided by our clinic is chemical peeling. A little more aggressive than the previous one, this peeling is responsible for destroying and exfoliating the most superficial layers of the skin in order to promote their renewal and favor the formation of elastin, collagen and other substances that the body itself produces from a natural way to restore to the skin the firmness, flexibility and beauty that it had lost over time. As in the previous case, it is especially indicated for the treatment of hyperpigmentation of all kinds as well as for people who simply want to improve the appearance of their skin.

Remove sun spots on the face

3. The third treatment is particularly aimed at the elimination and treatment of sun spots like melasma and chloasma, it is the depigmenting peeling.

This procedure is presented as a very effective and not very aggressive alternative to treat a type of facial blemishes for which there are hardly any solutions. It is this fact, together with the high level of satisfaction that it provokes in its patients, which has made depigmentante peeling one of the most popular treatments of the last years. In just four sessions, the patient can begin to appreciate how the spots on his face disappear completely.

4. And the fourth and final treatment introduces us to the field of medical laser technology. We refer to the Harmony XL laser platform with an AFT head, especially indicated for the treatment of pigmented lesions -sun lentigines, brown spots, etc.- located on the face, décolleté and hands.

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