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Dermatologists in Valencia

At the Dr. Aliaga Dermatology Clinic we have the best team of doctors specialized in aesthetics and dermatology and the most modern and safe technological facilities with which we can not only diagnose you with maximum reliability, but also we will see ourselves in the possibility of giving you the best treatment. Since we are a clinic specializing in dermatological treatments, we have the appropriate material, technology and personnel that are better prepared to treat all types of existing pathologies that may arise on the skin.

We have, for example, two of our own operating rooms, as well as machines prepared to carry out Puva-therapy sessions -ideal for treating diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, mycosis fungoides or vitiligo-, carrying out biopsies, removals of tumors or application of grafts for the treatment of alopecia.

We also have batteries of allergens to diagnose possible dermatitis caused by contact with different elements, specialized lasers for hair removal, tattoos, varicose veins or scars and all kinds of dermo-aesthetic treatments.

In the same way, we treat excess sweating with the application of botulinum toxin, injected superficially into the skin of the armpits. In this way, we achieve the blockage of the sweat glands, consequently achieving the cessation of sweating and thus avoiding giving off any type of unpleasant odor that could arise from the treated area up to between nine and twelve months after application.

You will find all the services of the best dermatologist in Valencia, the famous Doctor Adolfo Aliaga, at the Dr. Aliaga Dermatology Clinic.

Entrust your dermatological problems by leaving them in the expert hands of Dr. Aliaga’s team of dermatologists , whom Dr. Aliaga himself trained and selected, to carry out his dermatological clinic. This renowned dermatologist dedicated many years of his life to the palliation of all kinds of skin-related diseases. And it is thanks to this that today we can enjoy his legacy of experience and dedication through his team.

You will find our aesthetic clinic located in the city of Valencia, at number 10 Convento Santa Clara street, on the 1st and 2nd floor. Our Postal Code is 46002.

Contacting us and making an appointment with our Valencia dermatologists is as simple as calling us at our phone number: (+34) 96 351 48 09. You can also write to our usual email: Or fill in the form that you will find in the “Contact” section of our website: Through these contact methods you can ask us any questions, request all kinds of information about our treatments and methods or make an appointment.

You will find much more information about our entire medical team and our aesthetic and dermatological services, as well as new promotions and news, by visiting our official website regularly.

Do not think twice, if you are looking for a dermatologist in Valencia who can take care of your problem and who also has the best experience, a good team of professionals to support you and the latest technologies to take to carry out the treatments, contact us.

Some aesthetic treatments: alexandrite laser hair removal, botox, tattoo removal, alopecia treatment, platelet-rich plasma…

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