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"Our health is our greatest wealth."
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Clínica Dermatológica Aliaga - Historia

Our beginnings date back to 1940, when Dr. Emilio Aliaga Ferris (1910-2002), Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, opens a small query Dermatology in Valencia. From there Dr. Aliaga begins a relentless and absolute dedication to the world of dermatology.

The great vocation he felt Dr. Emilio Aliaga the fascinating world of the skin, was such that his son Adolf (1941-2002), just after a medical career, did not hesitate to follow the footsteps of his father, for him who was always a great inspiration and role model.

Over the years this small query on Santa Clara Convent Street No 8, moved to No. 10 in the same street, which currently reside.

This shift was due to the need for more space to adapt to the latest consultation, and accommodate a medical team duly selected to optimize patient care, trying as far as possible follow the criteria that we always instilled Dr. Adolfo Aliaga, but without leaving behind our desire to move forward and we can always offer the latest dermatological treatments.

At present, due to the great importance it has acquired today the world of aesthetics, we have also expanded our field beyond the purely dermatological, in a way that we can provide the ultimate in medicoestéticos treatment.

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