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"Our health is our greatest wealth."
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dermoesthetics valencia aliaga


Dermo-aesthetics is the perfect combination between beauty and skin care. In recent years, the importance that being comfortable with ourselves has on our own health has been shown. That is, being satisfied with our physical appearance has a direct impact on our state of health. Our clinic, the Dr. Aliaga Dermatological Clinic in Valencia, combines this combination of objectives to offer you a wide selection of aesthetic and dermatology treatments with the most diverse purposes but that are always characterized by giving the best attention and the best care to the skin and the beauty of our patients.

Thus, for example, we have a large number of laser treatments for the removal of facial and body hair, spots, tattoos, varicose veins, scars, etc. These laser treatments are also designed to restore the skin’s youthful appearance, texture and elasticity, as well as other non-laser treatments such as peeling or mesotherapy. These treatments are responsible, among many other things, for eliminating wrinkles, hydrating the skin, reducing fine lines and restoring shine and smoothness to the skin. If we focus now on the part more related to health – although the line that separates health and beauty is, we must say, very thin – you will see that among our services there are also treatments to diagnose and treat any type of pathological disease typical of the skin such as psoriasis, vitiligo or rosacea. In the same way, our select medical team will also be in charge of solving any problem of axillary hyperhidrosis for our patients, which will significantly reduce excessive sweating in this area as well as completely eliminate the bad smell produced by said sweating.

We are also trained to treat nail conditions and even to diagnose and treat skin allergies, also known as contact dermatitis. Also noteworthy are other treatments such as hair grafts for baldness and alopecia, and tattoo removal.

Dermoesthetic Valencia

As you can see, our clinic has the necessary staff and equipment to carry out this perfect symbiosis of health and beauty for our skin. Something that its founder, the renowned Doctor Aliaga, pursued from the very beginning Until today, when despite his absence, the medical team that he himself chose and trained is in charge of offering the best treatments to their clients while they continue to train to always stay up-to-date in this world of constant advances. And the same is true of the instruments they use. The Doctor Aliaga Dermatology Clinic is characterized not only by the great experience and renown of its team of doctors, but also by having the most cutting-edge, effective and safe technology on the market. All with the aim of giving your patients the best results.

Thus, if you are interested in undergoing any type of Valencia dermo-aesthetic treatment, do not hesitate, contact us, make an appointment through our phone number ((+34) 96 351 48 09) and share with us what your problem is. We guarantee that you will not find better hands to turn to or a more qualified staff than ours.

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