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Tattoo removal

The laser treatments that we have at our Dr. Aliaga Dermatological Clinic are not only intended to eliminate hair, make varicose veins, scars disappear or erase spots such as solar lentigines or Mongolian spots, we also use them very frequently to remove tattoos.

For this type of treatment, the location of the tattoo does not matter or the type of skin of the patient. That is, anyone who wants to remove a tattoo from her body can undergo this laser treatment. Our doctors, of course, will take into account the characteristics of each patient: place on the body where the tattoo is located, skin type and sensitivity of the area, dimensions of the tattoo as well as the colors used in it. This is because depending on these characteristics, the intensity of the laser must be regulated and the number of sessions will be less or more.

The process to remove tattoo is, on the other hand, very simple and does not usually carry any risk. Although it will be necessary to contemplate some precautions, as we will indicate later.

First of all, the doctors in charge of your case will proceed to remove make-up and disinfect the area to be treated well to avoid any further complications. The second step will be to apply local anesthesia in the area of ​​the tattoo and then proceed to the treatment itself, that is, to the shots with the laser throughout the entire extension of the tattooed skin. As we have said, the dose of shots and sessions will depend on the characteristics of the color tattoo, the tattoo artist who made it and the personal response of each patient to the treatment. Just after the application of the treatment, a burn appears on the treated area with a surrounding erythema that, as days go by, will gradually transform into a scab. No need to worry. This reaction is completely normal and the scab will gradually fall off over time.

Of course, the patient should not under any circumstances tear off the scabs ahead of time. Doing so will risk infection and delay or worsen healing from tattoo removal. In addition, during the two months after the treatment, extreme photoprotection is strongly recommended, that is, protecting the treated area from the sun at all costs.

It is a good idea, for example, to undergo this treatment in winter and not in summer, since our skin is less exposed and exposed to the sun’s rays. In addition, it is convenient to use highly moisturizing or specific creams for this type of treatment.

To remove tattoo in Valencia do not hesitate to contact us through our phone number: (+34) 96 351 48 09. Our doctors will give you personalized attention in order to develop the treatment that best suits your characteristics and needs. In addition, we will give you the best recommendations and offer you a rigorous and attentive follow-up until the tattoo has completely disappeared and the wound has healed to avoid any complications or problems later.

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