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Laser Q-Switched

Art laser indicated for pigmented lesions and tattoos.

    • Melanicíticas superficial lesions (solar lentigines and labial macules Laugier)
    • Deep melanocytic lesions (Mongolian Spot, nevus of Ota, nevus of ITO)
    • Melanocytic pigmented lesions (Tattoos decorative cosmetics, iatrogenic, posttraumatic)

Treatment steps:

    • Remove make-up and disinfect the treatment area.
    • For usual pigmented spots local anesthesia is not required (only be used when working in a wavelength of 1064nm, generally when dealing tattoos).
    • The shooting was carried covering the entire lesion and the dosage used will depend on the color of the lesion.
    • Immediately after treatment appears a burn in the treated area, with surrounding erythema, which with the course of the days will be transformed into a thin dark brown crust.
    • These crusts fall, with resolution of pigmentation. The time it takes to fall, depending on the area treated, in the face last seven days or so, while about 15 hands.
    • Extreme photoprotection is advised for 2 months.
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