Laser treatments that we have in Dr. Aliaga’ Clinic not only are aimed at removing hair, get rid of varicose veins, scars or remove stains such as solar lentigines or Mongolian spots, also are frequently used to remove tattoos.

For this type of treatment doesn’t matter the location of the tattoo or skin type of the patient. That is, any person wishing to remove a tattoo from his or her body can try with this laser treatment. Our doctors, of course, take into account the characteristics of each patient in the body where the tattoo is, skin type and sensitivity of area, size of the tattoo and the colors used in it. This is because the function of these features should regulate the laser intensity and the number of sessions will be lower or higher depending on that. Thus, for example, as the tattoo is bigger, or it contains a higher number of colors, it needs more sessions need for disappearance.